The engine of the application has been taken from WebTypist version 1 (see credits below). Some lessons have been taken from the Linux based application k-touch (see credits below), some have been amended or fully made from scratch. A lot of further languages and lessons have been added.

The word "rašyti" is Lithuanian and means "to write". The reason why I chose the name is simply that Lithuanian was the first language that I added.

Languages added




The source code is hosted at Github.


This application is based on WebTypist (Github), version 1, which has been abandoned.

Credits also to the KDE project ktouch for providing lessons for a lot of languages.

Credits to Wikipedia to provide a lot of material that can be used as excercises.

Last and not least to mention that the project would not be possible without the precious remarks and other contributions in terms of words and corrections from mother-tongue users.

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